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For the past three years, I have been designing seed packs for the Hudson Valley Seed Library along with dozens of regional artists. Local package design company Treeo Design created their unique flower-like folding seed packs and did the colorful layout for the 16 Art Pack covers. Packs are printed in Troy, NY on recycled papers with vegetable-based inks.

Ayumi Horie seed pack The Hudson Valley Seed Library is a homestead-based farm and business devoted to developing a seed production network in the region. Using hand tools and low-tech processes, they cultivate dozens of varieties of agronomic plants on their own farm. They also collaborate with certified organic, certified naturally grown, and other small growers throughout our region to grow dozens of additional varieties. Their goal is to offer high-quality heirloom seeds to the public through both their Seed Library program and retail sale. This year they are offering over 25 varieties of locally grown seed. By 2014, they aim to offer 100% locally grown seed. Help support their efforts to preserve biodiversity by buying non-GMO seeds grown for flavor and beauty!

They envision a food future that is diverse, creative, democratic, and sustainable. With the help of caring home gardeners and conscientious farmers, they're helping create a viable regionally-based seed production network and reverse the global trend toward the corporatization and consolidation of seed resources. Growing these seeds in your home garden and learning how to save seeds is a way for everyone to participate in the ceaseless renewal of life while enjoying delicious food, practicing frugality, and being active and outside more often. Sow local!

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